When Cloud is Not an Option




Dealing with sensitive private or business data one cannot afford using public cloud services as a backup and sync method.  Microsoft has invented a solution for corporations looking for opportunity to store and access data locally, without the necessity to upload documents to Web Sharing applications. SharePoint.


- Microsoft SharePoint Server is a unique system -

It acts as a central workspace for your project. You can store, sync and share all your files and collaborate with colleagues in real time. No one outside your working team has access to your corporate SharePoint Server. Your data is safe, up-to date and always available for you! Despite being a reliable repository for your data, SharePoint server can be used as discussion board or even Business Intelligence Dashboard.

Learn more about how you can organize your teams with SharePoint.


- Outline joins the SharePoint apps family -

Meet Outline v.2.7 and make your professional note-taking mobile and secure! Take advantage of Outline UI, intuitive structure and strong editing functionality to benefit your work. Your iPad, packed with Outline v.2.7, becomes an irreplaceable assistant in any project processing.


With Outline v.2.7 you can:

  • open your OneNote notebooks from SharePoint Server,
  • share Outline native notebooks to SharePoint Server,
  • edit notebooks and sync applied changes,
  • use handwriting and drawing tools,
  • work collaboratively on a notebook in real time.



- Did you know, that Box is an enterprise cloud? -

Convenient interface and rich functionality of web-based cloud storage – BOX – is aimed at business and enterprise use. In case if employing local server is not that critical for your company, Box will serve you best!

Learn more about Box for Business and for Enterprise IT.


- We respect your business -

Our Team is convinced that, equipped with a nice, convenient and modern tool like Outline, you will do more and better for the success of your undertaking. Outline functionality is at your disposal. Good luck!


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