What’s Coming up Right Next in Outline

Here comes a realistic announcement of what is optimistically scheduled to be released till May 14. Your feedback is direly required!

Outline updates are spinning around the 1-month cycle: 1 major update & 1-3 minor updates.

A major update tries to behave according to its bombastic name and delivers something big, like import from Evernote, Office 365 support across all platforms, or even Outline for iPhone.

Minor updates deliver small but important fixes for support cases.

A typical plan for a 1-month development cycle looks the following way:

* Unforseen
* Support line
* Stability improvements
* New feature 1

* New feature X
* Improvement 1

* Improvement Y
* Development improvements (refactoring, tech debt, automating dev stuff, etc.)

Those features and improvements are grouped in user stories. For example, this month we have a new feature about creating public links for pages and improvement of export to PDF (see details below).

Today we are starting a new 1-month cycle.

We want to make sure that we are moving in the right direction. So, this time, besides listening to you at Support Portal, Facebook, and Twitter, we would like to ask you directly: what do you think about the upcoming improvements?

Click the button to know the details of what’s coming and share your feedback:

See what's coming in Outline

14 thoughts on “What’s Coming up Right Next in Outline

  1. A lot of these look good. I still would like a real checklist function, in which when you check off one item in a list, the title line indicates that the list is partially done, and when you check off all the items, the top line indicates that by being checked off itself. This worked fine in Notebook and is a real help if you have work that involves a lot of detailed to-do lists.

  2. I’d really love to see a text only mode in Outline. Where you can chose to have a plain text (or markdown) mode of a note. Because for some things the click everywhere and write thing is annoying. (also for the iPhone the text only mode would be better for viewing.
    Maybe eve a tasklist mode, that would be perfect.

  3. Hello,
    what I would like to see improving is the use of Apple Pencil specially if you magnify the notation/drawing area: there is a delay between using the pen and the reaction of the screen
    raoul somers

  4. Hello,
    I would like to see the handling of mathematical syntax. I am a student and I use a lot of mathematical equation. And for me it’s the principal problem whereas Microsoft OneNote handle them.

  5. I have tried using your app 3x but it is very slow to download from my OneNote account. I don’t see the advantages to moving from OneNote to Outline. Can you give me any strong arguments to use your app? It seems like a nice app on the surface but I don’t see any compelling reasons to switch my note taking from OneNote & Evernote ( started using 1st )

    • Thanks for the question! There are quite a number of things which OneNote does better than Outline, and speed of downloading large notebooks is among those. However, there are things which one might say Outline does in more convenient way. We’ll skip the UI factor at this time, as it’s truly a matter of taste and hardly measurable. But speaking of more transparent stuff, I can think of (A) getting the power of note organization and anywhere-on-page editing – beyond Microsoft eco-system and (B) magic features.

      The eco-system beyond story is about storage and sync. Outline does support OneDrive (and other instances from the Office 365 list) + iCloud, Dropbox, Box, and WebDAV. The last one opens the door to local network sync, as WebDAV is the way you connect to ownCloud and other popular private cloud services. An outstandingly special option of Outline’s to be mentioned in the context about storage and sync is offline. With Outline, you can keep notes in a local file system, away of any clouds, for the sake of corporate network regulations or personal requirements.

      The magic feature story is about small but useful things like highlighting horizontal and vertical level of content blocks while moving them around a page, managing section groups on iOS, publish and print to PDF options, integrations with popular task management tools (coming soon), attaching files from popular clouds, and several other things. Each one can hardly be a deal-breaker, but the entire set delivers what one might call ‘the user experience’.

      So, if freedom storage & sync and a bunch of misc features do not sound like anything which might be actual to you, OneNote might be a better choice, indeed.

  6. I am a teacher. It would be nice to have an automatically working outline in “Outline.” Like
    I. Now is the time
    A. For All
    B. Good Men
    II. To Come

    • Thanks for the suggestion! Improving outlining experience is among three key roadmap paths (along with search improvement and integrations).

      By the way, what do you think about the post? Does the described workflow correlate with yours?

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