What We Are Thankful for


Thanksgiving is fun.

Users of Outline live all over the world. But despite what national holidays are in different countries, Thanksgiving sounds like a good idea. Giving thanks for great stuff you have around. Ok, let’s have some fun giving thanks on behalf of the Outline team!

Most of all, we are thankful for people we have around.

Beta testers: for making it possible to release the hardest ever update 3.8; trying out Outline for iPhone; digging for logs of Office365 sync in Outline for Mac beta; and patience close to sanity in testing new stuff we are working on.

Early adopters of Circus Ponies import: for helping us to understand what works and what’s not; for describing their way of taking notes; and for recommending Outline to other early adopters of the import.

Users helping us to validate translations of Outline’s UI and App Store descriptions to all kinds of great languages. Antonio, Stefan, Bodo, Jan, Rui, Evandro, Jeffery, and the others – you are awesome!

Designers creating mind boggling notebook covers: for providing more options for users to personalize their Outline experience. Have you already checked the latest holiday pack in Outline for iPad‘s version 3.12.3!

People from the Internet posting useful things about Outline on their own initiative, like in discussions on the Super User portal or posts on the ‘Go local or go home‘ concept.

Users providing feedback on Features Planned and Fixes in Development. Your comments and votes are deciding arguments in building the roadmap!

Feels good:) Seem like we might be going on like that all day. But we have a trickier plan.

Going on giving thanks, but switching the format: giving thanks to all users of Outline with making a better app. The one for taking notes where they work best. Keep an eye on upcoming announcements…

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