Trick or Treat or Take Notes

Happy Halloween 2016 from the Outline Team!

Halloween-banner-smallHere is a small hint for the holiday. Hope you like it!

Taking notes where they work best supposes setting up the app environment the way it looks and feels right. So, what about adding a bit of Halloween to your Outline for iPad? Here are the steps.

Step 1. Summon a notebook menu by double-tapping.

That’s home for a bunch of useful options. One of them will help us to make some Halloween magic.


Step 2. Go to Properties.


Almost there…


Step 3. Go to Appearance.


That’s where the notebook covers live! All of them were crafted with love by professional designers.


Step 4. Let Halloween rock!

h4That’s it! Hope that little trick will make the holiday a bit more fun for you. Happy Halloween!

P.S.: as a part of Halloween celebration, there is a promo code TRICKORTREATORTAKENOTES for orders in the Outline Store. The thing cuts 50% off the price of Outline for Mac. The code will be working for a few more hours.



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