SkyDrive unchained


We are excited to announce that the most awaited feature has finally arrived. Synchronization with Skydrive is finally supported by our app. You can already download Outline+ for iOS v. 2.5 from the App Store. Version for Mac will get SkyDrive synchronization in the upcoming update (and yes, we are working on Editor☺).

So, how to get started to get your SkyDrive notebooks on iPad?

Just select SkyDrive in the “Import From” menu.

open from SkyDrive

The app will ask you for your credentials. Once you enter your user name and password, the app will encrypt them and store securely on your device. You can delete them anytime later by ‘unlinking’ your SkyDrive account.

'unlink' your SkyDrive


Now you should see all your notebooks in SkyDrive. See those blue dudes icon on the right side? It shows that your notebook is shared with someone. Opened notebook indicates that you already have that notebook in Outline.

share your notebooks


Once you select your notebook your synchronization will start and you will see all your notes as they were on PC or your iPad! Initial sync can take some time, especially for the large notebooks, so please be patient.

And that is not all. Now if you make any changes to the large section on PC, only recent changes will be downloaded to your iPad. This makes the continuous work on the frequently edited notebook easy and fast. If Outline meets conflicting changes (changes you make on the same page on iPad and on PC) it will merge them.

SkyDrive, just like DropBox, keeps deleted files, so if you accidentally removed some section, you will be able to restore it on the SkyDrive web site. Click on ‘Recycle Bin’ link in the bottom left corner to see your recently deleted file.

restore your sections

As always we urge you to configure backups in OneNote if you did not do that yet. Here is the good guide how to do that:

People keep asking us what is so special about SkyDrive and do they need to switch to it from DropBox. The short answer is:

  • if you already use Dropbox
  • and do not observe “conflicting copies”
  • and do not have massive section files (over 50 mb or so)

Then you are fine with the current setup.

In our following posts we’ll provide our readers with the more detailed and specific differences among Dropbox, Box and SkyDrive. Stay tuned to learn more about the development of your favorite app.

8 thoughts on “SkyDrive unchained

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  2. Hi Serge
    I enjoy using the new skydrive feature of Outline but I have a question about the folders visible from Outline. I have several folders with some onenote files that I cannot see in outline. Moreover i do not see the folder structure from skydrive in outline. I see indeed one folder that has some notes in it. but not all my notes are available. Thanks for implementing this feature and for addressing this issue.

    • Ioan, we’re so glad you like the new version. SkyDrive sync was certainly the most requested feature.
      There are two possible options how you can access groups of sections: on the left you can see three small vertical lines;simply swipe it to the right and here you go!
      You may also open the tree by tapping the arrow in the navigation bar next to your notebook’s name.
      One more way is to view your folders organized in the hierarchical order next to the “section pages”.
      If you still seem to have any questions, feel free to contact us!

  3. Still not convinced before i am able to actually edit and add notes trough the program… how skydrive can be a bigger feature for people than the possibility to edit I cannot comprehend. Guess it will be some more time with evernote until the editor arrives.

    • You see, we’re working on different directions. We started with SkyDrive:it was highly requested and faster to implement rather than Editor for Mac.
      We’re in process:) Wait for it!

  4. For people who use OneNote on Windows & Mac, skydrive sync is a huge deal, b/c it has the web app. The alternative of using DropBox etc (or using SkyDrive to sync the actual OneNote files) does not allow use of the SkyDrive OneNote web app.

    I mainly want to sync my notes on my macbook air via SkyDrive, so I can have my notes sync’ed for offline use. If I have to edit my notes on the macbook air, I can do it via the web app.

    So to me, Outline Mac SkyDrive sync is higher priority than Outline Mac editing. Is the web app really a big deal? Is Microsoft manipulating users like me into using SkyDrive just for the web app? I don’t know, if someone else wrote a good OneNote web app for DropBox etc I might use that. Do I really need the web app? I don’t know, but it seems cool, it means I can access the notes from any computer with a web browser without installing anything.

    • So for my use scenario preferences, Mac Outline SkyDrive sync is higher priority than Mac Outline editing.

      In fact, improving the GUI is also higher priority for me. I don’t think they are using all the right hotkeys, like command+shift+[ and command+shift+] to change tabs. And for some reason when I do command+option+right it goes two tabs to the left and right, instead of one. Same problem with command+option+up or down.

      Actually I don’t know what the standard is, I wish all mac os x apps would use the same hotkeys whatever they are. Honestly I feel like Windows apps do this more consistently but maybe I am just being foolish. For ex why is it in chrome I can change tabs 3 different ways: ctrl+tab, command+shift+], and command+option+right… Which one (if any) is the OS HIG standard that should change tabs for all apps?

      • Hey Iam, thanks for you reply. Actually that’s what we’re going to do: first goes SkyDrive sync for Mac, then the Editor.
        We understand lots of our users can’t do without SkyDrive sync, that’s truly important. We expect it to come out quite soon in the upcoming update.
        As for the hotkeys, we’ll certainly develop them and gradually will make them universal, as in your other Mac apps.
        Stay tuned!

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