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Say, you came across a web page you want to have by the hand, stored in the exactly original way it looks, annotated with your ideas over it (text and handwriting), and sent as a printout to a colleague.

‘Send PDF to Outline’ service is at your service!
So, the recipe is simple:

  • Get Outline for Mac v3.20 (or later) installed,
  • Go to that web page of your interest, shoot classic ⌘+P
  • Choose ‘Send PDF to Outline’ in the PDF services meu.

Send PDF to OutlineEasy, isn’t it? Time for Q&A then!

Why PDF? It’s the surest way to preserve the exact look of a thing.

Will it work for web pages only? Nope. Various documents and stuff are supported.

Is it the same to the ‘Print to Outline’ which used to be a standalone utility installed over Outline for Mac? True, some users who have been there for a while might remember the magic utility for printing PDF to Outline. ‘Send PDF to Outline’ is it’s descendant.

  • ‘Print’ required individual download and installation over a working instance of Outline for Mac. ‘Send’ is there from the moment you’ve got the mother ship installed.
  • ‘Print’ was different for Outline from the App Store and Outline Store. 
  • ‘Send’ is the same, for the sake of easy swithing between editions.
  • ‘Print’ knew 1 magic trick. ‘Send’ knows 3.

Ok, what exaxtly can I do with ‘Send’? The options are: (1) adding the PDF copy as an attachment, (2) putting a printout to a single page, and (3) putting a printout, page per note.

What’s with annotating? Text and images are there for your annotations, once the PDF arrived. Handwriting and , say, arrows of all kinds would imply you have Outline for iOS and sync the note with the PDF there for annotating.

Sounds good? Try it!

And drop us a line to tell if you like the thing!

6 thoughts on “Send PDF to Outline

  1. Me too, send to Outline does not appear in the services list. Print to Outline is still there.
    And when I go to “enable” in the preferences, I get an error:
    Error: Please select PDF Services folder.

  2. My status still shows as “needs enabling’ I’ve also found the correct PDF Services folder with no effect. This sounds like a bug, can we get it fixed ASAP?

  3. FYI -
    I had the same issue, when selecting “Enable” in system wide “/Library/PDF Services” folder.

    Enable worked after creating a folder in “~/Library/PDF Services”, though have not tested function. Thus far seems to “Enable” needs to be done in users “~/Library/PDF Services” rather than a system wide folder.


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