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We’ve got a problem: our big blue O in the app icon on AppStore is cool and different but not too perfect. If you are looking for a notebook for your iPad, you may not notice Outline just because you don’t see anything “note-taking” in the icon.

So we have set our minds to develop a new brilliant icon, which will have one small feature: when you see it, you should jump, scream wow! and immediately understand that this is a note-taking app that you need. Piece of cake, isn’t it?

Here are 18 icons we have come up with so far. Which one you like most (click for a larger picture)?

variants of new icon for Outline

10 thoughts on “Search For The Perfect Icon

  1. Number 14, but add a dark vertical strip like in number 1. There are too many blue app icons out there, purple is eye catching and unique and even regal

  2. 14 or 18.

    I personally prefer the blue (#3 in particular), but as Andrew said: there are a LOT of blue app icons out there. Purple will stand out and I associate it with OneNote.

  3. My vote is for #13. The purple draws from Outline's OneNote compatibility and the combination of the pencil and notebook (with section markers—key!) tells me this is a note-taking app. Good job.

    My only other comment would be to make the cover look more like a composition book, but that may distract from the O. Give it a shot…

  4. I like 12, 13 and 14 the best.

    As others have said, I think the purple is a good choice. And the white O catches your eye a lot more than the dark purple Os.

    Also, keeping the O makes the icon somewhat similar to the current icon — I get a bit confused / lost when apps completely change their icons!!



  5. I like 1-3, 13,14 and 18. Compared to existing icon, I like how these give more notebook-like visual with section tabs that is quite subtle, and retain the O.

    I dislike the rest. Whilst 12 and 15 are similar to those that I like, 12 is not as subtle, and I don't like 15 because it' s wonky.

    Of those that I like, I probably like 1 and 13 the most.

  6. 14 or 18

    Have decided to buy me one Outline+ during the discount moment but when I turned back on the price increased as normal. What the heck as description is still saying discount 70% but the price is now aud15.99? Lol

  7. 7 or 10

    iOS has enough pseudomorphism, and beside i feel people will be able to associate this app better with one note if its icon were to resemble the new one note icon

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