Publish Notes!

Respecting the boundaries of personal has always been a key thing in Outline. Specifically, that’s the reason we made it possible to store notes in a private WebDAV cloud, locally, or even encrypted. But some notes are born to be shown to other people, for collaboration, communication, and fun.

Now you can Publish your notes!

In Outline for iOS, give a double-tap to a page to proceed for creating a public link.

Step 1: summon the menu

Publish: now in page context menuStep 2: choose where to publish
Publish: choose storageStep 3: wait for a while…
Publish: in progressStep 4: done, a link to the published page copied to Clipboard
Publish: doneSo, how exactly does Publish work? A copy of a page is created as PDF in the cloud you choose, and the generated link opens that PDF. Now you can send, show, and shout out loud the link to people, so they access it in a web browser. The fact of not owning Outline app won’t stop them. Simple and elegant.

Once a published note did its’ job and now needs to be removed from public access, just Revoke it in the same window.

Sounds good? Download Outline for iOS with the Publish feature on-board!Download Outline for MacIf you like this feature, we will add a bit of gloss to it. Specifically, planning to add support of more clouds (OneDrive & Co), guess the storage you want to Publish to so don’t ask that question every time, and enable Publish in Outline for Mac. And do a thing you might possibly ask us about after you try Publish.

So, if you like (or don’t like) the thing, post a comment down here or drop us a line Publish needs your feedback to get those fancy new features.

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