Outline`s huge update – version 3.0 released!

Autumn is time of gathering in the harvest and we want to follow this tradition by presenting you the result of our long, hard, but fruitful work. So many days (and nights) of thinking, negotiating, implementing and improving have gone by, and here it is – Outline v.3.0 for iPad and Mac.




Everything you waited for from this update wants to be checked and used, wants to fulfill its destiny, so go and get started!


Create tables and hyperlinks; link information from page to page, connect different notebooks or make wiki links, everything is possible.


From now on both apps support attachments and allow you to work with PDF files. You can annotate such documents and save those files back to PDF, all annotations stay there. It is especially convenient in Outline for iPad with its new totally refashioned handwriting tool:




The top-notch of Outline`s current release is its own file format, which provides it with a status of an independent note-taking application. Along with Dropbox syncing Outline file format makes the work smoother and faster. You should definitely give a try.


Outline can also set images as background – nice option for those who wants to leave comments right on a photo; type, write or draw over inserted images, enjoy the diversity!


Outline v.3.0 not only works nice, it also looks beautiful and supports newly presented iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite accordingly.


Microsoft OneNote compatibility, as well as Box, OneDrive and SharePoint sync are of course preserved, and Outline stays a friendly partner of OneNote.


Now we`re up to new deeds on the thorny, but such an exciting way of “outlining“! As always, we`re open to any ideas and suggestions for app improvements, and thanks a million to those who support us and believe in what we do!

9 thoughts on “Outline`s huge update – version 3.0 released!

  1. Guys, I’m sure your new version is great.
    But I’ve just upgraded the app and it won’t start! And I’m devastating because I have all my notes for college there.
    Could you please do something about it?

  2. We’ve had a user update their Outline+ app to the version that came out today and they lost their notebooks–the app is loading nothing but a black screen right now. iOS 8.0 iPad 4. Any suggestions?

  3. Excited , I just check your homepage and see the new version.

    I noticed there’s no “What’s New in Version 3.0″ section on Outline’s itunes page.

    Since Outline is not free now, I want to know what’s the difference between Outline 3.0 and Outline+ 3.0.

    btw, I think you should add “upgrade to Outline+” in Outline.

  4. It’s a great update. Excelent job people. Only one think I would like to have: export as pdf without “create with outline” text in footer. I know there is the possibility to uncheck this in the settings, but it’s still there (checked or not). Can you please fix this bug?

    Congrats again! :)

  5. Wonderful.

    I was apprehensive that outline, the most promising note taking app might have been abandoned. Glad you are looking beyond Onenote.

    I have just updated the app from the app store and giving it a spin.

    Query : How does one go about adding tables to notes ?

    Cant wait to se what you have in store for v4.

    P.S. Thanks for implementing the ‘personal wiki’ ability. It makes Outline really powerful.

  6. There is a problem with use of Preview to look at pdf files in the updated App – when the pdf file is closed, the Outline page goes totally black. The tabs are still visible but nothing on the page is visible. The only way to get the page back is to exit and then re-enter the App. This only occurs when the pdf file is opened using Preview. I am using an iPad Air.

  7. Using your trial, I am wondering, is basic drawing ever even in the picture? If so will it be a part of version 3 eventually, or even version 4? Cause I much prefer this to one note it seems more streamlined for mac Thanks

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