Use Case: Outline in UAEU

Outline+ is used by many students around the world. Great organization structure, cloud sync and backup options and support for OneNote files make it a preferred educational tool for teachers and professors as well. And here is a real life story.

In September 2012 the United Arab Emirates launched The Higher Education iPad Initiative and equipped students of the UAE’s federal universities with the mobile devices.

In the photo below English class students in the United Arab Emirates University have access to all lectures and assignments thanks to Outline.

Outline iPad app in UAE University

“I have four classes with between 10 and 20 students in each class.  Each day I update my OneNote file and send it to the students as an email attachment. Like many people, I have only just discovered OneNote and Outline, and I sincerely wish I had known about them 10 years ago!” – says Michael, English Language Lecturer at the UAEU.

Outline+ is available with a discount to participating educational institutions. Please ask your dean or professor if your school is an Apple Authorized Purchaser.

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