It’s Official: Outline for Mac

Outline for Mac

We are so happy to announce that Outline for Mac will soon appear on the Mac App Store. It will be the first software that will enable to open and read OneNote files on a Mac. If you are a Mac user, you are forced to use virtual machines (like Parallels or VMWare) or Microsoft Web Apps to work with your OneNote notebooks. Outline is the first ever native MacOS software capable to work with OneNote files.

We’ll start with a reader that syncs via Dropbox, and iTunes with your Outline+ on iPad or MS OneNote, and then update the app with a rich-text editor.

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16 thoughts on “It’s Official: Outline for Mac

  1. Great to hear you’re moving onto OS X. But please get it working with Skydrive. I, for one, can’t really contemplate using Outline without Skydrive support.

  2. Please make it work with iExplorer. This is a file transfer program for Mac OS and Windows that treats the iPad as a large disc drive. It lets you drag and drop files to and from the iPad from the Mac. Web site is
    I use it all the time with to move files between GoodReader on the iPad and Skim on the Mac. Their comments section implies that it works equally well with Windows (with the same limited flaws that exist in the Mac version). It is designed to do only one thing – move files – but it does that one thing very well.
    You would have to expose your files as totally self contained units that can be transferred for it to work. It does not work with WritePad because of WritePads data base format. But it works great with QuickOffice and GoodReader. I do not know if your iPad OneNote files are completely self contained units as are Word, PowerPoint, Excel and PDF files. Simplicity is often the best approach. If you can transfer files from one folder to another in Windows or Mac OS X, then you can use iExplorer.
    Have a happy New Year, I am looking forward to the Mac app.

  3. I am so excited for this! I recently switched over to a mac and I have not found a suitable substitute for Onenote. As a college student perfectionist, this is incredibly frustrating! Please release soon!!

  4. Will Outline for Mac be capable of modifying a Microsoft OneNote Notebook, its Sections and Pages thus enabling a full migration off of OneNote?

  5. Will you be able to clip web pages using this program, allowing for true cross-platform use of OneNote? (Once SkyDrive integration is there, of course.)

  6. I don’t get how this can work without SkyDrive support. That’s where MS stores its OneNote files. How can one sync to two different cloud services?

    (Or can you move your OneNote folders from SkyDrive over to Dropbox and just cut Skydrive out of the loop?)

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