…And Outline for Mac users, that one’s for you

Using Outline for Mac? Here comes the special-for-you post!

To make sure the app evolution is moving in the right direction, we need to instantly keep track of how Outline is working for people and how we can improve.

Below is the easiest tool to gather that sort of feedback about your Outline for Mac experience. It’s a survey that will take a couple of minutes for you to complete, but will mean a world to us. Please take it!

Survey about Outline

6 thoughts on “…And Outline for Mac users, that one’s for you

  1. Hi folks,
    while it is easy to set up a new notebook in an encrypted cloud folder (e.g. boxcryptor, cryptomator), this is not the case with the corresponding Backup folder. I always get the information “Cannot create backup at this location – Please select folder on your local hard drive”. However, it is possible to set up a backup folder in the cloud like icloud drive.
    Do you have a solution for setting up an encrypted backup folder in cloud environments?
    Thank you.
    By the way, I started using ouline yesterday and I have the feeling so far that it is a great replacement for onenote.
    Kind regards,

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