New Update Is Available!

It’s a long-awaited update that brings freedom to your notes. They are no longer attached to your device and OneNote format. Now you can export any page to PDF or email it to your friends and colleagues.

Share OneNote as PDF and email

You’ll find a little new button, tap it – and either email a current page or export it to PDF to make tons of magical things with it like Airprint or opening in any other app that supports PDF.

We have also fixed some very noisy and poisonous bugs and connection issues to Box. By the way – the special offer to get free 10GB + sync account from Box expires on January 21, so sign up for it until it’s too late using this special link:

We’ve been waiting for this release since December (or maybe even November?) so there is a new Christmas notebook cover. So save it for next holiday :)

Don’t wait, update on the AppStore on your iPad.

6 thoughts on “New Update Is Available!

  1. Great to see this, but still waiting for Skydrive – still promised for 2013?
    (I know I sound like a broken record :-) )

      • Is it correct to assume the outline+ onenote files will be able to be opened and edited within skydrive? Im excited, As soon as theres a somewhat seamless way for me to use this app between my ipad and my mac (whether its skydrive or outline for mac) im buying the app.

        • Peter, sorry that we kept you waiting for the answer. Yes, you’re completely right. Now you can easily open your files on PC, iPad or Mac.
          The function of editing is still not available for Mac users, but we’re working on it now.

  2. When is the next version with Skydrive planned? I know it is in development, but we are now 1 quarter behind the earlier communicated release date.

    • Sorry that we didn’t answer that long. Outline version v.2.5 for iPad users is on the AppStore :) We released it just 2 days ago!
      You can purchase right away or get it for free if you’re an Outline user already . Enjoy SkyDrive sync with the updated version of your best-loved app.

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