Keep it a Secret : How to Open Password Protected Sections on iOS

Finally! All your business stuff, private info and secret treasures are safe. Outline makes it come true in the upcoming update for iPad. Now it’s up to you what section you want to be password protected. Let’s say part of the notebook can be viewed by all the people you shared it with. The rest of the notebook can require a password to open.

First off, as Outline is compatible with your OneNote on PC, let’s look into encryption system of the latter.

  • OneNote 2007 uses 3DES (Triple Data Encryption Standard)
  • OneNote 2010 uses AES 128 (Advanced Encryption Standard- an accepted standard of encryption in the USA since 2002) for notebooks in 2010 format. AES is the most widespread symmetric-key
  • OneNote 2013 uses AES 256

New version of Outline will support encrypted section created in OneNote 2010 and OneNote 2013. You will be able to read and write in these sections and do all kinds of stuff with them which you can do in PC version of OneNote.

Now, let’s get back to the point of data protection of your Outline notes. To put things straight, all you do is simply tap the section. You’ll get the same options as you did in the previous versions (rename, cut, paste, delete and set color) except for the lowest one: set password. You select it and there pops up a new dialog box which offers you to type a password and confirm it.set password

Then you choose “set password”. Here you go! Depending how large your sections are and the model of iPad that you have, the time you need to encrypt sections differs. It may take up at least 5 seconds.

In Outline, just like in OneNote, you can set up the time when your section remains unlocked. Go to the home page and tap the info icon (“i”). In settings you can specify the interval for your sections to be automatically locked. As soon as you leave the section, the time that you set is on. Once you unlock the section, your data are stored in a secure place. Your encrypted sections are stored on your hard drive, while unlocked sections are in your RAM.

In settings you can also switch “lock when leaving section” on, which means it will encrypt the section automatically right after you switched to another one. Take a look:


Once you choose the password for each specific section, you should keep it in mind (or keep it in another encrypted section :) ). So far there’s no chance to restore the password, though. If you enter the wrong one, the section will remain locked surely. So, be aware of it. Anyway, you’re free to change and remove passwords if the section is unlocked.

change and remove password

All in all, quite soon you’ll have a new option available which is quite helpful if you feel like keeping some sort of info from others. Wait for this feature in Outline+ for iPad this summer!



2 thoughts on “Keep it a Secret : How to Open Password Protected Sections on iOS

  1. Thanks, this password protection thing seems like a neat feature that would improve data security in Outline! However, I’d also like to the possibility to increase security even more by being able to sync Notes via a private WebDav. So are there any plans on implementing support for WebDav sync in Outline+?


    • Ake, thanks for your concern and interest! Basically security in Outline implies password protection and Sharepoint integration as for the next update.
      For the following ones we’re going to implement some more enterprise features.
      WebDav will certainly make make your notes safe and secure, which is why we will consider this feature for the following updates.
      Thanks once again for you suggestion. Stay tuned!

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