Import from Evernote to Outline

Folks have been asking recently about options for import from Evernote to Outline and beyond.

Import from Evernote


Happy to share a bunch of best practices!

UPD: the below procedure of import from Evernote to Outline is based on a workaround of using an import utility by Microsoft and 1-time usage of OneDrive. For a direct workaround-free way of import, see this update.

At Outline’s, we believe in helping you to take notes where they work best. Captured at any place on a page, stored in a local file system, and synced with your favorite cloud. Among other things, this concept suggests that sometimes notes work best beyond the app those were made with.

A while ago you got a chance to take your Circus Ponies notes into Outline, and now it’s Evernote time.

Remembering Outline plays nice with OneNote, let us introduce the world’s trickiest workaround: import Evernote to Outline using OneNote converter.

Wait, what? OneNote?! Aren’t we supposed to be persuading you to leave aside all other note-taking apps (actual, possible, and imagined) and never use anything besides Outline? We might have. But what’s the point recommending your stuff if it might be doing not as good as another player’s stuff. Whatever works best for your notes! So, here goes the workaround…

Wait, still not convinced, you might say. What if I don’t want using OneNote by any means, you might say. What if I like the idea of Go Local or Go Home, you might add. What if I don’t like the idea of OneDrive-only for notes on my Mac, you might summarize.

There is good news for you in this case. OneNote will only be required once. It’s just a step in the import procedure. After the import is finished, your notes will be happily living in Outline, having nothing to do with OneDrive or OneNote, if you don’t want that.

Sounds like a plan? Here is the import procedure then:

Step 1. Download and install Evernote-to-OneNote import tool.

Step 2. Run the thing!

Step 3. Grab your imported notebooks and drag them into Outline.

That’s it!

Want a detailed step-by-step instruction? Still not about the workaround, but feel like giving us a chance to suggest alternative options? Want DETAILS?

Here is your link then.

6 thoughts on “Import from Evernote to Outline

  1. Please provide more detail on the workaround as it is not clear – in particular how you are supposed to grab your imported notebooks and drag them into outline.
    My Evernote notebooks include college lectures with pdf handouts attached. These are not bought across on the import – it appears they would need to be brought across individually which is hardly a workaround.
    Finally I have grouped my notes in Evernote into six areas (I thought these were the notebooks) with over 30 subsections. The import showed this as 188 notes (?) although only the 30+ subsections were copied over (and only partially – see above). Which is rater confusing.

  2. I attempted to use the Evernote to OneNote export tool but cannot use it because it requires me to login to Microsoft or a School server for OneNote which I cannot do because that would violate my data confidentiality policy. I exported my Evernote items to .enex files and recently did a fresh install of macOS/Sierra and installed Evernote however, I’m having a lot of trouble getting the old data recognized by the fresh install of Evernote. Evernote has become very challenging for me because of the confidentiality of my data and how Evernote’s priority is to save all data to their cloud first. Therefore, I chose not to pursue Evernote and let my Professional account lapse in favor of Outline. I just need to have the ability for Outline to import my Evernote files.

    Is there a solution for my situation (import Evernote directly to Outline) or am I stuck with having to figure out how to restore Evernote then export them to PDF?

    • Thanks for the question! Right this moment there is no centralized way to drag the entire Evernote stuff into Outline:( You can still go to a precise Evernote note, select the required content, right-click, proceed to Services, and then choose Send to Outline. Or just copy-paste (with hotkeys / Touch Pad / mouse). Working on an in-built Evernote import tool, which will grab Evernote stuff exported as HTML and make Outline notes out of those. Scheduled to be delivered in 2 months!

  3. Why is there no option to import from Apple Notes????!!!!!

    Is it an Apple SDK limitation? Or is it a problem on Outline side?

    This is an important part that needs urgent attention

    • Import is a rather new concept for Outline. At this moment, import from Apple Notes is still something we will need to add in the future. Sorry if we somehow made you think that Outline app already has import from Apple Notes.

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