Import from Circus Ponies Updated

UPD: check out the latest of CircusPonies-to-Outline import.

A while ago we have announced import from Circus Ponies to Outline. Today we are ready to tell you what we’ve been doing with the thing, to help your Circus Ponies notes be where they work best.

The main improvement is the import utility now being a part of the Outline for Mac app. No need to download a standalone utility. Once you have Outline for Mac v3.9.1 or higher, the import thing is at your service.

The waitlist link lives. Now it delivers you the latest edition of illustrated instructions for the import.

All kinds of feedback, questions, and comments are now accepted here. Among other things there are regular updates and improvement announcements. Upvotes are welcome!

The coupon code CIRCUSPONIES now offers an exclusive 31% discount in the Outline Store (instead of boring 30%).

That’s it at the moment. But tons of exciting stuff are coming sooner than you would expect. Stay tuned!


23 thoughts on “Import from Circus Ponies Updated

  1. I purchased Outline because I wanted to try importing from CP. Can you clarify what the process is? There is no menu option (that I see) for importing. The quickstart notebook doesn’t address it.

    How do you actually import from a Circus Ponies Notebook?


  2. What does this mean “the utility thing is at your service?’ I cannot find any menu command to “import” a file. Could you clear this up?


  3. I have the 14 day free trial and the clock is ticking. I need to learn if I can import my CPNB files into the Outline app. I went to the waitlist and signed-up but I haven’t got a response for a week. In another week my free trial will expire. How long does it usually take to get the import utility?

  4. I’ve also been waiting a week for the guidance on the import process and fear my trial period will run out … Thanks

  5. I’m running Outline v3.11.2 and see nothing about how to import. To quote from this page: “the import thing is at your service. The waitlist link lives. Now it delivers you the latest edition of illustrated instructions for the import”

    I see not import “thing” nor have I received “illustrated instructions”

      • Trying it as we type. I’m at “Outline gets opened and there are newly imported notebooks. One might notice that at first the notebooks seem to be empty(grey-covered). … It takes some timefor the notes to arrive, but finally they will be there” How long is “some time”? I’ve been waiting 10 minutes

  6. This isn’t helpful… why not just list the steps? I’ve gone to File>Import>Circus Ponies Notebook, then selected the location and then the destination folder, but the CP notebooks (.nb) files are grayed out and cannot be selected. When I click “Import,” a message is displayed in red: “Contents note found.”

    I notice that Carrie has tried just waiting. I’m trying that now also. If this is, in fact, the proper way to do this, perhaps the “Contents note found” message should be changed to “This will take a while.” I’d love to have confirmation that this *is* the way to do it.

  7. I was led to believe that Outline had templates for import of Circus Notebooks. This seems not to be the case. It would be very helpful if you would post detailed, step-by-step instructions on your website or in the User Guide.

    I downloaded the User Guide as suggested and find that it has many topics, but no content. I also found the “Start Here” notebook quite by accident. I had to delete the User Guide and Start Here entries in Outline App in order to install the “real ones.” Clumsy! Mac Apps are expected to be complete from the outset. This one seems like a “work in progress.” It has great promise though.

    I too have the trial version and the clock is ticking. I appreciate the effort to “reach out” with personalized support, but this seems to be a general problem. It should have a general solution.

    • Import still does not work, even for folder containing the exported .html files (index.html and the associated attachments, images and pages).
      But! User Notes now have content. They were missing when I opened “Outline” today. I dropped the User Notes folder into the app again, and the content is there this time.
      Progress, I guess, but I’m no nearer to getting something useful out of import, and that’s the biggie.

    • Sorry for the lame instructions! The thing about ‘work in progress’ is true for both import from CP functionality and instructions about it.

      To the best of my concern, right this moment you have several notebooks imported, right?

  8. I just got the Outlines app and reading thru the user guide and am impressed. I think it is great you are offering a discount for Circus Ponies’ Notebook. I invested in the app and mac version of Notebook and by the time I was going to use it they closed shop…. so disappointed. I intend to take you up on your offer. I also tried the free app version of One Note and you are kicking it’s ass. Thank you.

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