Import CircusPonies Like a Boss (Update Released)

Import from CircusPonies to Outline got it’s UI, eventually!

Since it was first announced, import from CircusPonies to Outline has been going down the evolution road. It was a standalone import utility, part of Outline with some magic in Terminal to be accomplished, part of Outline with properly formatted commands for Terminal (still seeing those missing string spaces in nightmares), and improved part of Outline with attachments and images imported correctly.

Now, it’s time for the next step in the evolution. Please welcome Import Screen:

Import from CircusPonies to Outline: the window


The little neat thing is living in Outline > File > Import. To meet Import Screen personally, please feel welcome to download Outline for Mac, v3.14.2.

Already in the Mac App Store and Outline Store!


25 thoughts on “Import CircusPonies Like a Boss (Update Released)

  1. When I import from CP I am still getting data like this:

    line of text

    line of text

    line of text

    Is there any fix for this? I have hundreds of CP notes I need to put into Outline.

  2. You guys took the time to make a Circus Ponies Notebook importer!? You just saved my life. I’m buying now! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    • Happy to hear the import thing can be useful to you! Feel welcome to recommend it to friends and colleagues:) If they consider purchase, make sure they are aware of the coupon code CIRCUSPONIES. It cuts 30% off for orders made in the Outline Store here on

  3. When I try to use this import screen (clicking the folder icon and navigating to my CP notebooks folder) all of my notebook.nb files are grayed out and cannot be selected.

    • Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience and lack of instructions! The import window supposes you made Step 0, i.e. exported your .nb notebook to HTML (using the original Circus Ponies app).

      • I see no “Export to HTML” command in Notebook, do you mean the Export as a Website Menu option? Because when I use that it creates a number of html files, but they’re all grayed out, I can’t select them in your Import Circus Ponies Notebook tool.

        • That’s right, the option is ‘Export as a Website’. When it comes to choosing those HTML files in Outline for import, it’s the matter of choosing the folder containing those HTML files, and not each file separately.

          Does this help?

  4. The new import screen to import files from CP does not work. The .nb files are greyed and when the imort command is executed only the directory, not the actual nb files is created. So to me, this rapid import does not work. I am using MacOSxSierra 10.12.2 in case this is important. But I bought Outline today! after the last update on Dec 21, 2016

      • Well. I found the solution. The CP .nb file has to be exported as previous manual instructions and then…only then can be imported to Outline using Outline > File > Import as indicated on the top of this page. I wish the instructions were much clearer.

    • Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience! The import window supposes you made Step 0, i.e. exported your .nb notebook to HTML (using the original Circus Ponies app). Our tech support team is contacting you for step-by-step guidance via email.

  5. I am not able to import in Terminal nothgn happens although I paste the line exactly and in the GUI it just crashes

  6. Okay, I purchased Outline, hoping to import the work I had done in Circus Pony Notebook. I have version 3.19 (I did not upgrade when it was originally offered and, when I decided to do the update, the iOS version was no longer available).

    What is the actual process? Can I do this with the version of Notebook I have? Upgrading Notebook is pretty much out of the question at this point…

    • Each version of Circus Ponies which is capable of creating export to HTML is supported in a way, for import to Outline. Circus Ponies v4 does the export job best, but older version can do thing too. Sending a tech support rescue ranger to assist you! Check the inbox.

  7. When I try to import a CP notebook (that has been exported as “Website”) Outline crashes, I get “Outline quit unexpectedly”. CP 4.0.7, O 3.15.2 (39.152.500) OSX 10.12.2. O creates a folder with the title, but then crashes and nothing else happens. Does it matter if the folder has spaces in the name? I was using the Import menu item; is the terminal method a more stable import method?

    • Followup: This only happened on one notebook I tried importing (of course it was the first one I tried). I believe it was an error caused by CP not properly exporting a particular page (corrupted the HTML somehow, the lists were not expanded and it didn’t have the page corner like the other pages) and Outline had a problem with that bad page. The other notebooks I tried worked ok (for text), so ultimately I think this was an issue with CP poorly exporting a particular page that caused Outline to crash.

  8. I am trying to import my CP notebook before buying Outline, but Outline crashes. When I export CP as a webpage, I am notified of an error in an HTML page, but not what that error is. I suspect this is the cause of Outline crashing? I have tried both the manual import using the Terminal-related instructions, as well as the GUI option in the Import choice. Any suggestions?
    I have CP 4, and OX 10.12.4 and Outline 3.19

  9. Well, I just bought it anyway. Hope you can help. When I open the HTML files on Safari, I can’t identify an error.

  10. I have been using Circus Ponies to collect notes for a book I am writing. The main function I rely on is the keywords capability, which is excellent. So far with your product all I’ve encountered so far are (really) basic instructions on how to make an outline. Is this a product for elementary school kids? I have no interest in this — but I could be interested in your product IF it supports a keyword function like CP. Does it? Can I find it on the ‘free’ trial version? Thanks -Tim

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