How Useful and Guiding is User Guide?

Outline is about notebooks.

It’s a rather intuitive metaphor for a paper-like experience for note-taking on iOS or Mac devices. But what is specifically great about notebooks in Outline is the fact you can open those ones created elsewhere beyond your copy of the app (e.g. in OneNote for PC).

One of such notebooks from the outer space is User Guide. We put it into your app, so it might answer questions and guide you around. Today User Guide has been remastered. Below is a pre-release early access copy we are dying to hear your feedback about. Check it out!

So, the classic User Guide looked more or less like that:

UserGuide: old versionWhat we tried to do in the remastered version is make the guide more web-based. Which means putting links to useful threads from Support Portal now and then. So, the above page would look the following way in the new version:

UserGuide: remastered versionWhy so? The thing is that Support Portal is a really cool thing. It does provide answers to questions one might haven’t yet asked, gives one a chance to request a feature or report a bug, and even know the current state of the development roadmap.

Threads from Support Portal is the primary source of planning app updates. So, helping users to look around and find useful stuff there seems like a good idea.

Another improvement is those was-it-useful thumbs. Have you noticed those peeking out of the bottom line of the screenshot above? Those thumbs are designed to provide feedback on how useful User Guide is and update it accordingly faster. So, if an article doesn’t do the guidance job well, we will know about it and fix the thing.

Right this moment, the remastered version is only available for Outline’s Mac edition. Here is the download link:

Download Outline for MacSo, once you download it, you can put it to the storage you like best (shall it be your local OS X file system or a cloud like, say, Dropbox) and then open it in Outline for Mac.

We would really love to know if you like new User Guide. So, if you decide to give it a try, please make sure to come back to this page and use the magic voting thumbs below.

Was remastered User Guide useful?

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