4 thoughts on “How to Sync Notes Across Devices without Clouds

  1. Hi,
    Really appreciate the intent to support cloud-free sync. I currently use iTunes and a USB cable to go between Outline+ on my iPad and OneNote on my PC

    Tried to follow the instructions, but fell at the first hurdle:
    WebDAV Navigator for iPad is on version 5.0 and looks nothing like the screenshots you provided.
    Tried a good poke around version 5.0 but could not find anything that even vaguely matched what you showed. Can you help/comment/ advise ?

    Also, I am not sure of the basis mechanism that supports the sync – it seems/assumes the PC and the ipad are on the same network segment and able to make direct link using ip. My corporate IT don’t allow portables and PC’s on the same network, so I would ideally like to sync via bluetooth – is this possible via WebDAV, or any other mechanism ?

    Thanks in advance for your support

    • Hi Steve,

      Happy to hear sync without clouds interested you!

      Those screenshots and actual WebDAV apps may differ, true. WebDAV apps tend to change, but the key mechanism remains the same. Our support rescue rangers are already on their way to help you! Must be reaching you out within 24 hours.

  2. Hey just found out about your app, and I’m definitely giving it a try because of WebDAV support. I can’t store work related data on alien servers, and was desperately looking for a nice and slick outline and note keeping app. Outline might be the one!

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