How to Gift an iOS App on the App Store

Did you know you can buy any app on the App Store as a gift for any person? It’s easy and has some benefits:

1. You don’t have to know their Apple ID

2. You can gift an app even to someone without an email address!

3. You can gift an app you have already bought.

You’ll need:

  • iTunes on Windows or Mac


  • App Store on iOS 5 (it does not work on iOS 6 yet)

The screenshots will be for iTunes running on Windows but the process is absolutely the same on Mac.

1. Launch iTunes and find the app you want to gift.

2. Below the main app icon there is a button with the app price (the one that says “Installed” if you already have the app). Click on a small triangle next to the button. Choose Gift This App.

Gift app on app store

3. Now you can select to email a person with a redeem code (you’ll have to enter the recipient’s email):

Send appstore gift via email

Or print your certificate and gift it in person.

Print app gift

4. Click Continue, enter your Apple ID password and print the gift!

How to buy an App Store gift on the iPad

It’s as easy! Open an app on the App Store and tap Gift This App on the right.

Give app gift on ipad

Updated: Now you can gift apps (and even schedule delivery of gifts) right from your iPad or iPhone running iOS6. The option is hidden in the Share button in the top right corner:

Gift app from iPad iOS6

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