Holiday Season at Outline’s: Final Sale and Giving Gifts (the Way We Didn’t Expect at First)

Sharing is caring. Note-taking is… what rhymes with note-taking? Anyway, we are running a holiday season campaign right now. Below are the details and mysterious story with a happy end.

Happy Holidays from Outline

So, the campaign details first.

All editions of Outline are 50% off the price in the App Store, till December 30th.

Here are the links:

…And now comes a mysterious story behind the campaign.

With all the jingle bells and New Year stuff floating around recently, we felt like making something holiday-spirited. So, a few days ago we created a Google form which offered the following: tell us your friend’s email, enclose a holiday message, and we will send a brand new shiny Outline for iPhone to the lucky one.

People love giving gifts, we thought.

Outline for iPhone’s downloads have been growing like crazy since the official release on December 18th, we remembered.

Seems like there will be zillions of people getting use of the holiday Google form.

So, we launched the thing. Announced it in Twitter and Facebook. Sent the link to influencers. And started waiting.

Then a few hours passed, and there was a single person who filled in the form. With his own email. Four times. He did put four different holiday messages there, which was cute, but still wasn’t quite like holiday spirit.

So, we updated the Google form: this time we invited people to make gifts to themselves. Guess what? A few minutes after that we had zillions of submissions, without even spreading the word.

Does that mean people don’t like giving gifts to others? Or just don’t like giving Outline to others? Or not comfortable with sharing emails of others? Hopefully not.

Does it mean you can grab a gift from us right this moment? We bet it does!

So, give it a try: Gift Generator

And happy holidays to you and note-takers you care about!

4 thoughts on “Holiday Season at Outline’s: Final Sale and Giving Gifts (the Way We Didn’t Expect at First)

  1. it may be on sale at $19.99 in the US but it’s on sale in the U.K. at £22.99 which is equivalent to $28 at today’s exchange rate – why the difference please? do you intent to correct?

    • App Store pricing tier policy for different countries is what Apple manages itself, I am afraid.

      But I can think of a workaround for an order of Outline for Mac: purchase in the Outline Store! Just go to, scroll to the bottom, click Purchase, fill in the order fields, make sure to apply the coupon code HAPPYHOLIDAYS on Step 3, and see the price £13.52 suggested.

  2. Hey guys, like the App but I don’t love it yet. I almost exclusively handwrite everything. Are you ever going to bring college ruled/grid paper into the app? I like my notes to be nice and neat and for that, I need lines so I can write straight.

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