Great News from Mac App Store: Volume Purchase Available!

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If you use Mac applications for Business needs or for Educational purposes and would like to equip your team with awesome Mac apps in one click, you will like the new option provided by the Mac App Store: Volume Purchase is now available!


Employ mobile device management (MDM) solution or Profile Manger in OS X to distribute licenses and make your workforce more productive and efficient.

Learn more about volume purchase for Mac and iOS applications.


mac OutlineOutline for Mac is also available for volume purchase on the Mac App Store. As a Reader so far.

Outline Editor for Mac is being polished at the moment and will become available in December. We are excited about its release and would like to thank our customers for patience and support!

Stay tuned!

9 thoughts on “Great News from Mac App Store: Volume Purchase Available!

  1. Outline for Mac is useless until you can edit. You cannot even print from it at present. the promised “polish” is now promised for December. I am currently feeling “ripped off”… December which year???!!

  2. Available in December! Oh joyous day! My congratulations to the Outline+ team for working so hard and so diligently on Editor functionality, I can’t wait to try it out myself! I can only hope that they’ve spent the time it’s taken so far to make it the best possible editor available for the Mac.

  3. This is great news to read!
    I hope it will look as sleek as the iPad version and that you can lock/encrypt books, notes or the entire app. Cannot wait!

  4. So, I’m waiting for the edit, I love my Onenote and I have so many thinks (personal and from work) that I can’t just use my mac. Hope the day comes soon.

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