We’re Back: Epic Improvements, Smart OneNote Import, and More

Outline Team is back on the blog! Many users have asked what we’ve been up to lately. So, we’re here to tell you that we’ve been working hard on several big updates. Get ready for lots of exciting news here on the blog coming soon.


More OneNote import awesomeness, lots of performance and stability improvements, new sync options and integration, more team-oriented features, more platforms (wait, is it finally a version for one of those mobile platforms starting with an ‘i’?), and lots of other features currently under development.

Outline, the smart digital notebook, is here to take your notes beyond limits! Check out the details below.

So, what’s coming up next in Outline? For starters, we’ve improved OneNote import and export, so working with OneNote files in Outline will soon be smoother than ever. Compatibility with Microsoft’s OneNote has always been one of our priorities, so much that some people even call this project Outline 365. What’s the difference between Outline and OneNote anyway, one might ask? Well, Outline lets you take your OneNote notebooks way beyond OneDrive, since we offer more sync options with clouds you like. Outline also has a beautiful user interface that feels more native to iOS and Mac OS when compared to OneNote’s UI.

Is there anything else besides OneNote import improvements? You bet!

Here are some other things we’ve been working on (just to name a few):

    • Outline Version 3.8: an update with some major stability and performance improvements is soon-to-be released. How soon? Well, we are now doing final testing. So, get ready to get your hands on the most stable and reliable Outline version ever. Which platforms? The update is both for iPad and Mac.
    • More sync options: we are beta-testing WebDAV, OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint (in our Mac version). Join the fun!
    • More import: get ready to import your notes from for Circus Ponies, Evernote, and some other digital notebooks.
    • More features: Currently working on several features that were very-much-requested by the community. Here’s a sneak peak. Can you guess what those soon-to-come features are?


    • More platforms: speaking of sneak peaks…


We are also committed to publishing more regular blog posts here. Outline Team is now more open than ever to customer feedback and feature requests. If you have anything to say, please feel welcome to get in touch. We’d love to hear from you!

Which Outline features are you expecting the most? Share your ideas on our Facebook page!

10 thoughts on “We’re Back: Epic Improvements, Smart OneNote Import, and More

    Add a way to filter tags and add customized tags. If I can’t filter all tags to see in one document then Outline is as useless as OneNote Mac. I need to be able to see all of my “To Do’s” in one list to be able to prioritize. PLEASE…I am literally begging…along with others, since 2014.

  2. Nice to read some news about a new update. I bought it for both my mac and iPad and I really hope it will improve…

  3. Hi Outline Team -

    Exciting news definitely! Looking forward to enhancements. I see a statement “Join the fun!” in the “More sync options” beta test, are you looking for testers? I’ll leap in for SharePoint.


  4. Great news.

    I have been using CPN as my wiki and only moved to Outline after CPN stopped being developed. Outline is very close to achieving the same level of functional efficiency (with a nicer UX).

    Possible improvements:
    - A root page with a dynamic TOC (possibly as an option).
    - Wiki-like hyperlinks between terms and pages.
    - The ability to use an ‘outline’ text box with collapsible paragraph (to bring the ‘outline’ paradigm to the text editor).
    - A simple drawing function like Scapple.

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