Early Access to Office 365 Sync in Outline for Mac

Sync Outline notes with Office 365

We are thrilled to announce Outline app’s Big New Feature: support of Office 365 is coming soon!

But there is support of Office 365 already, one might say. That’s right, but only in Outline for iOS. Now Outline for Mac is going to have it too. So, you might finally have the Office 365 experience on all your Apple devices. Or just a Mac. It’s up to you to decide.

Request early access to Office 365 in Outline

You do remember Outline got OneNote full compatibility, right? Import, export, and live sync with OneNote. Just felt like reminding.

2 thoughts on “Early Access to Office 365 Sync in Outline for Mac

  1. I am using OneDrive for business (university edition) only & am currently trying out your app. I have the iOS but looking at the mac. Would like to test the OneDrive Business sync to see if I should buy. Thanks!

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