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Outline. Your digital notebook

We are pleased to announce the new release of Outline for Mac and iPad – version 3.6. We have been working hard to make it more productive and handy, so you are welcome to read about new impressive features!

Multitasking and multi-performance of the iOS 9

The biggest improvement in this update is support for iOS 9. With the latest iOS, Apple has added some new multitasking features – Split View and Slide Over. Split View shall be used for running two apps side-by-side. It enables you to launch Outline with another app and interact with both apps at the same time. You can seamlessly copy and paste text from Outline app to second app and vice versa while both are open on your iPad’s screen. Slide Over doesn’t allow to use two apps simultaneously, but you can quickly switch between them and go from task to task. For example, take notes and read e-mails, check meetings in calendar or reminders. Both Split View and Slide Over are accessed by swiping left from the right side of the iPad. Please note that you will need an iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, or iPad mini 4 for Slide Over, and an iPad Air 2 or iPad Pro for Split View.

Split View in Outline for iPad

Next we have the Spotlight Search! Just swipe down on any Home screen of your iPad and you will be able to look for almost any content from Outline. To be more precise, you can search for text on a page, section name, page name, name of an attachment, and even for text on a picture or printout. Tap on a query and you will be taken directly to the right place within Outline. With Spotlight feature, there is no need now to keep in mind where each specific note is placed.

And finally, the latest version of Outline brings new keyboard and Multi-Touch gestures for it to simplify text editing and selection. Shortcut Bar on the keyboard includes all the editing tools which were placed on the top of the page before. To control cursor placement tap everywhere on a page, then place two fingers on the keyboard and move them, the cursor will follow your direction. If the cursor is placed within some word, tap with two fingers on it and iOS will select the word, after that extend your selection by swiping to the left or right.

New keyboard gestures for text selecting and editing

Reliable data protection

It’s always an extremely important thing to make sure you have backed up your data. iCloud Backup will be a good choice for this. You can set up the interval for automatic backups or do this manually. In any case, don’t forget to enable this option in Outline and device settings. We have added an ability to back up locally in Mac version as well. It is turned on automatically when you are logged out of your Apple ID account or don’t use iCloud at all.

Effective organization with Table of Contents

Outline now allows to insert Table of Contents, including a whole structure of your notebook: pages, sections, and groups of sections or just a current section with internal links between them. You can find this option by tapping the + button on the left of a page in iPad version and by clicking the same button, but on the top in Mac version. It is the easiest way to have a quick look at the structure of your notes and jump to the specific page you need. By the way, all the links are now clickable after exporting a page to the PDF format.

Insert Table of Contents in OutlinePasting as a plain text

You wanted it, we did it! A little, but a very useful new option appeared in the contextual menu. When you copy text from a web page, e-mail, or some other app you can paste it without source formatting.  The feature removes font size, color, images and all the rest, converting any text into a text with default style.

As usual, we paid attention to stability improvements and bug fixing. Outline team wishes you fun and productive note-taking!

Valentine’s Day Giveaway

Valentines Day


Please, review the conditions of Valentine’s Day Twitter contest:

- Retweet this tweet

- Send us a message with your e-mail address and desired Outline version (Mac or iPad)

- Only one retweet for the entire contest!

15 winners will be selected randomly. We will send gift codes to their emails on Friday, February 13th. And don’t forget to provide your e-mail address via message.


It’s your chance to gift Outline app to your beloved! So feel free to take part right now!


Great News from Mac App Store: Volume Purchase Available!

productshot (3)


If you use Mac applications for Business needs or for Educational purposes and would like to equip your team with awesome Mac apps in one click, you will like the new option provided by the Mac App Store: Volume Purchase is now available!


Employ mobile device management (MDM) solution or Profile Manger in OS X to distribute licenses and make your workforce more productive and efficient.

Learn more about volume purchase for Mac and iOS applications.


mac OutlineOutline for Mac is also available for volume purchase on the Mac App Store. As a Reader so far.

Outline Editor for Mac is being polished at the moment and will become available in December. We are excited about its release and would like to thank our customers for patience and support!

Stay tuned!

When Cloud is Not an Option




Dealing with sensitive private or business data one cannot afford using public cloud services as a backup and sync method.  Microsoft has invented a solution for corporations looking for opportunity to store and access data locally, without the necessity to upload documents to Web Sharing applications. SharePoint.


- Microsoft SharePoint Server is a unique system -

It acts as a central workspace for your project. You can store, sync and share all your files and collaborate with colleagues in real time. No one outside your working team has access to your corporate SharePoint Server. Your data is safe, up-to date and always available for you! Despite being a reliable repository for your data, SharePoint server can be used as discussion board or even Business Intelligence Dashboard.

Learn more about how you can organize your teams with SharePoint.


- Outline joins the SharePoint apps family -

Meet Outline v.2.7 and make your professional note-taking mobile and secure! Take advantage of Outline UI, intuitive structure and strong editing functionality to benefit your work. Your iPad, packed with Outline v.2.7, becomes an irreplaceable assistant in any project processing.


With Outline v.2.7 you can:

  • open your OneNote notebooks from SharePoint Server,
  • share Outline native notebooks to SharePoint Server,
  • edit notebooks and sync applied changes,
  • use handwriting and drawing tools,
  • work collaboratively on a notebook in real time.



- Did you know, that Box is an enterprise cloud? -

Convenient interface and rich functionality of web-based cloud storage – BOX – is aimed at business and enterprise use. In case if employing local server is not that critical for your company, Box will serve you best!

Learn more about Box for Business and for Enterprise IT.


- We respect your business -

Our Team is convinced that, equipped with a nice, convenient and modern tool like Outline, you will do more and better for the success of your undertaking. Outline functionality is at your disposal. Good luck!


Choosing the right OneNote client for iOS


Not long ago Microsoft launched its major update of OneNote which is its new version for iPad, iPhone and Android. Now we seem to have a nice company, as prior to us there was no chance to read and edit your OneNote notes on iPad. Truth be told, we don’t mind your placing its icon next to ours. Moreover, now users have a choice, which is always good.

When it comes to choosing between the two apps, in fact, we guess that’s not just a choice between two OneNote clients. Rather that’s a choice of ideology, what users want to view on their iPads daily: Windows system brought straight to the AppStore or OneNote notes wrapped in Outline which was initially designed in harmony with iOS ecosystem. IPad version from Microsoft doesn’t correspond to the principles of UI and style of Apple apps: Microsoft style was simply transferred to your Apple iPad without any dramatic changes. Certainly if you like it or not, it’s your choice.

So, that’s what we did: we installed both apps to clear up the difference between Outline and Microsoft OneNote on your iPad:)

Comparing Features of OneNote for iPad and Outline+ for iPad
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