In Search of Ideal Cloud for OneNote Sync

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You know we’ve recently released Outline v.2.5 for iPad. This update has been long awaited, as it contains SkyDrive sync. How is it different from other kinds of synchronization? Will you benefit if you switch to SkyDrive? -these are just one of the most frequently asked questions Outline users are interested in. To make it clear we decided to provide you with some brief comparison of the three online cloud storage services we currently support. So here we go:
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SkyDrive unchained


We are excited to announce that the most awaited feature has finally arrived. Synchronization with Skydrive is finally supported by our app. You can already download Outline+ for iOS v. 2.5 from the App Store. Version for Mac will get SkyDrive synchronization in the upcoming update (and yes, we are working on Editor☺).

So, how to get started to get your SkyDrive notebooks on iPad?
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