How Useful and Guiding is User Guide?

Outline is about notebooks.

It’s a rather intuitive metaphor for a paper-like experience for note-taking on iOS or Mac devices. But what is specifically great about notebooks in Outline is the fact you can open those ones created elsewhere beyond your copy of the app (e.g. in OneNote for PC).

One of such notebooks from the outer space is User Guide. We put it into your app, so it might answer questions and guide you around. Today User Guide has been remastered. Below is a pre-release early access copy we are dying to hear your feedback about. Check it out!
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People Behind the Outline Brand.
[Part 1] From Support with Care

Haven’t you ever thought that every inanimate item among those surrounding you was made by someone? The tea you drink. The mug you hold in your hands. The car you drive. The software you use.

People all around the globe did their best to bring you the comfort and pleasure of using things.

Here in Outline we’re a small team that lives the life of its product. Going home telling the stories from the work day. Worrying about troubles, cheering success. Caring about people who use our app.

So who thinks back about you? Has the car line worker ever thought it will be you who’s using the car now? I wish he had.

Fortunately when using the app you actually can write and say “Hello!” and say “It’s me! I’m using your product”. And you’ll be answered back. By whom? – By support.

Hi, my name is Alena, and I’m Outline Support Engineer. And I like helping people.

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Real-life note-taking: Outline for making a TV show

Remember that photo of Sophie Turner shouting without a sound when she realized it is Ryan Gosling by the table right behind her? Outline team feels the same at the moment. One of the users sent us a screenshot of his notes, and it turned out it’s a person making one of the team’s most beloved ever TV shows!

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We’re Back: Epic Improvements, Smart OneNote Import, and More

Outline Team is back on the blog! Many users have asked what we’ve been up to lately. So, we’re here to tell you that we’ve been working hard on several big updates. Get ready for lots of exciting news here on the blog coming soon.


More OneNote import awesomeness, lots of performance and stability improvements, new sync options and integration, more team-oriented features, more platforms (wait, is it finally a version for one of those mobile platforms starting with an ‘i’?), and lots of other features currently under development.

Outline, the smart digital notebook, is here to take your notes beyond limits! Check out the details below. Continue reading

UPDATE: Outline for iPad Version 2.6 Available on the App Store!

productshot (1)

First of all, our team would like to thank you – Outline users – for your concern and suggested improvements! We greatly rely on them while developing Outline and now we are eager to share the results of our recent work with you:


What’s inside the version 2.6? Meet new features! 

ios7- Compatibility with iOS 7 -

Upgraded to iOS 7? Like it a lot? Outline integrates with the new iOS. Enjoy updated Outline on your upgraded iPad. (UI design improvements coming in one of the next updates).


selection- Advanced Selection -

Select as much text as you want. Well, select ANYTHING you want. Cut, Copy and Paste content wherever you need!  No jokes! See here how it works.



- Sections Encryption -

Don’t want to unlock OneNote sections with sensitive data? Now you can open password protected OneNote section in Outline. Moreover, you can encrypt sections with Outline itself. One-touch. Try it! Demo video is here.


tags- Tags and Check Boxes -

Find OneNote tags convenient? Make them work for you in Outline. Find them on the text editing panel.



- New Ink Engine -

Beautiful, smooth and responsive inks, new drawing tool – marker. Now you can undo/redo inks creation and deletion.


Give this version a try and feel free to share your impressions with us!


P.S.: We were going to include SharePoint support into this edition, however, have realized that there are a few more things to be done about it. This sync option will be featured in the version 2.7 – our next release this autumn.


Keep it a Secret : How to Open Password Protected Sections on iOS

Finally! All your business stuff, private info and secret treasures are safe. Outline makes it come true in the upcoming update for iPad. Now it’s up to you what section you want to be password protected. Let’s say part of the notebook can be viewed by all the people you shared it with. The rest of the notebook can require a password to open.
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