UPDATE: Outline for iPad Version 2.6 Available on the App Store!

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First of all, our team would like to thank you – Outline users – for your concern and suggested improvements! We greatly rely on them while developing Outline and now we are eager to share the results of our recent work with you:


What’s inside the version 2.6? Meet new features! 

ios7- Compatibility with iOS 7 -

Upgraded to iOS 7? Like it a lot? Outline integrates with the new iOS. Enjoy updated Outline on your upgraded iPad. (UI design improvements coming in one of the next updates).


selection- Advanced Selection -

Select as much text as you want. Well, select ANYTHING you want. Cut, Copy and Paste content wherever you need!  No jokes! See here how it works.



- Sections Encryption -

Don’t want to unlock OneNote sections with sensitive data? Now you can open password protected OneNote section in Outline. Moreover, you can encrypt sections with Outline itself. One-touch. Try it! Demo video is here.


tags- Tags and Check Boxes -

Find OneNote tags convenient? Make them work for you in Outline. Find them on the text editing panel.



- New Ink Engine -

Beautiful, smooth and responsive inks, new drawing tool – marker. Now you can undo/redo inks creation and deletion.


Give this version a try and feel free to share your impressions with us!


P.S.: We were going to include SharePoint support into this edition, however, have realized that there are a few more things to be done about it. This sync option will be featured in the version 2.7 – our next release this autumn.


Keep it a Secret : How to Open Password Protected Sections on iOS

Finally! All your business stuff, private info and secret treasures are safe. Outline makes it come true in the upcoming update for iPad. Now it’s up to you what section you want to be password protected. Let’s say part of the notebook can be viewed by all the people you shared it with. The rest of the notebook can require a password to open.
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Choosing the right OneNote client for iOS


Not long ago Microsoft launched its major update of OneNote which is its new version for iPad, iPhone and Android. Now we seem to have a nice company, as prior to us there was no chance to read and edit your OneNote notes on iPad. Truth be told, we don’t mind your placing its icon next to ours. Moreover, now users have a choice, which is always good.

When it comes to choosing between the two apps, in fact, we guess that’s not just a choice between two OneNote clients. Rather that’s a choice of ideology, what users want to view on their iPads daily: Windows system brought straight to the AppStore or OneNote notes wrapped in Outline which was initially designed in harmony with iOS ecosystem. IPad version from Microsoft doesn’t correspond to the principles of UI and style of Apple apps: Microsoft style was simply transferred to your Apple iPad without any dramatic changes. Certainly if you like it or not, it’s your choice.

So, that’s what we did: we installed both apps to clear up the difference between Outline and Microsoft OneNote on your iPad:)

Comparing Features of OneNote for iPad and Outline+ for iPad
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iOS App Icon Printable Template

When we were sketching our new app icon, we found that we were spending a lot of time drawing those icon outlines each time a new idea occurred. Because of their rounded corners, the squares were a pain to draw and we were getting different proportions and different roundness of corners, which is not good when you are looking for a perfect icon.

To solve this problem, we have created a template for drawing iOS icons. Here is the template in real life:

ios app icon template drawing

Please download the iOS app icon template for free and use it for your projects! Let us know what masterpieces you have created thanks to the template!

P.S. Many thanks for your feedback about the new icon! You helped us a lot and you will see a new icon on the AppStore very soon!

How to Check What Promo Codes Were Used. Step-by-Step Guide

Now when your iOS app is out you are trying to make the world speak about it. You reach reviewers, bloggers, run give-aways and distribute dozens of promo codes. Indeed, you keep track of when you issued the codes (they expire in 4 weeks) and whom you are sending them. But how can you make sure those promo codes are not sent into the interstellar space and reach the intended recipients?

AppStore has no way to track your promo codes. Period. Don’t even look for it.

If you use AppAnnie (and odds are you use it), you can check how many promo codes were redeemed and when. However, there is no data about which exactly promo codes were used. To check the usage of your promo code, login to AppAnnie and go to Analytics > Sales and choose Units tab. Quantity of used promo codes will be displayed with an yellow tab on the graph.

AppAnnie Promotions graph

App promotions are also displayed in the table below the graph:

AppAnnie promotions table

Still, it does not provide a breakdown for individual promo codes that you sent to TUAW and Mac|Life. How do you check if they were redeemed or not? Time for some manual work.

1. Open iTunes on your computer and logout.

2. Login again to your account. If there is an option to save password, choose NOT to do it.

3. Quit iTunes and open it again.

4. Try to click on your account in the top right corner (click on your email address, not on the white triangle).

itunes account

Login dialog should pop up:

iTunes redeem code login

Do not enter your password, click Cancel. If iTunes opens your account instead, try to logout, and restart iTunes.

5. Now we go to the bottom of iTunes and click Redeem:

iTunes where is redeem

6. Copy one of your promo codes that you know it was used (just to be sure) and paste into the Code field. Click Redeem. AppStore should tell that this code has already been used without asking for a password.

iTunes redeem code

7. Last step: to be on the safe side, try to redeem one of promo codes you have not sent to anyone yet. If you have done everything correctly, the login dialog should open. It means that this promo code is still available. Click Cancel, we’ll use that promo code later.

Now you can go through all of your promo codes, mark those that have been used and maybe even follow up with those persons if they like your app and when they are going to review it. Good idea is to check your unused promo codes periodically because some busy reviewers and editors may redeem them later.