Biggest Release of the Year

Outline for iPhone is in the App Store now.


There have been quite a bunch of things happening in Outline’s 2016. Import from CircusPonies, sync with WebDAV and Office365, and localization to German and Chinese.

Wait a minute… Isn’t that the Year Results post yet? Too soon to remember the product milestones of 2016 and announce New Year resolutions? Ok, let’s wait till that sort of a post a little bit more and get back to the subject for now.

So, Outline for iPhone.

Here are several facts about the thing:

  • It has been designed to require minimal learning time for users already familiar wth Outline for Mac and iPad: it looks and feels just the same.
  • Technically, it’s the same App Store app as Outline for iPad. So, if you already owned Outline for iPad, you already own Outline for iPhone (don’t have to pay again).
  • It inherits from both platforms: touch navigation and visuals of iPad (R2D2 notebook cover!) and best practices of Mac (e.g. Inbox is a standalone notebook).
  • Speaking of Inbox. Just use the Share Extension in a mobile browser to drag stuff into Outline using that feature.
  • It still requires a number of features and improvements to be made. But that’s good news. We do listen to user feedback, so you have chance to help us to make the app personalized to your note-taking needs and workflows.
  • The soonest-to-be-delivered improvement is optimized displaying of a note during sync (no blinking or whatever glitches even for the toughest cases).
  • And the soonest feature is remembering the exact point you closed the app at and starting Outline from there in the next session.

And the last but not least fact for today: Outline for iPhone already available in the App Store.

So, what happens next? Install Outline for iPhone from the App Store. Give it a try. Ask your questions about it.

And stay tuned!

Next time we’ll tell the story how Outline for iPhone once was this

Outline for iPhone: mock-up

and then became this





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