5 Useful Tips for Mac OS X Yosemite

tipsYou already know about the most attractive feature of the latest Mac OS – new Photos app. However, it also offers stability, compatibility and usability improvements and new little cool things which are no less important than major features. Here is the list of 5 great tips you might find very handy:


1. Additional features of Look Up.

Look UpBefore Yosemite 10.10.3 you could use shortcut Command+Control+D or right click to look up the meaning or wiki description for highlighted word or phrase. With Yosemite 10.10.3, Look Up can now search through iTunes, App Store, movie showtimes, nearby locations, and more. Notice that information tab will change depending on the word context.


2. Updated Spotlight search tool.

Spotlight searchSpotlight brings now more capabilities to make the interface cleaner and smoother. Press Command + Space to access it from anywhere on your Mac. Then you can launch apps; search files and folders, mail and messages; find places on a map or even calculate measurement and currency conversions.


3. Change default browser.

Default browserIf you don’t want to use Safari every time when you click on a link, you can go to System Preferences –> General and set the app from the menu next to “Default web browser.”


4. Move Dock panel.

Dock panelMove the cursor to the vertical line in the Dock and press the Shift key, then drag the Dock panel to the bottom or any sides of your screen. You can manage it at any time, depending on how things are located on your screen.


5. Easily disconnect from a Wi-Fi network.

Wi-Fi NetworkNetwork disconnection without turning off the wireless hardware, especially when you can do that quickly is a necessary option for both advanced and novice users. Just hold Option key and click the Wi-Fi menu and you will see revealed disconnect option under the name of current connection.


BTW, don’t forget to back up your Mac before updating!


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