Advantages of Outline Over OneNote

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We have often been asked what is the primary advantage to using Outline versus MS OneNote? It’s a fair question, especially when you are looking for not only note-taking solution, but an ideal helper in everyday life. We have found even more than one benefit and prepared an interesting story entitled Outline vs. OneNote. Well, let’s find out the whole truth:

1) Outline’s interface is much clear-cut and user-friendly, and keeps a well-liked structure of the real paper book – notebooks, sections, groups of sections and pages to order notes as complex or simple as you like. This was checked by our users who tried both Outline and OneNote, so they are definitely able to draw fair conclusions.

2) In addition to OneDrive and SharePoint, Outline provides more synchronization options like Dropbox, Box, and iCloud Drive. It’s always better when you have a choice, isn’t it? People are so different and everyone wants to use that solution which is more suitable for their purposes.

3) Outline for Mac can store notebooks locally and iPad version allows to import or export notebooks using iTunes. Such way doesn’t require an internet connection, so you can work with your notebooks in any place, even where there is no internet, should it be airplane or territory outside the town.

4) When security of your information is on the first place, a passcode lock is at your disposal. iPad version allows to protect a whole app, not only sections. You will be offered to use a standard numeric password or Touch ID technology.

5) Unlike OneNote, Outline for Mac is integrated with the OS X platform more deeply. Outline supports such time-saving features as Services, Share Extensions and Print to Outline. You can import text and pictures from Safari or other apps to Outline via contextual menu and Share sheet; convert web pages or images to PDF and print them to Outline as printout or PDF attachment using standard Print dialog window. All these options are irreplaceable and extremely useful when you need to collect information in one place and in a few clicks.

6) Outline for iPad provides a full-fledged handwriting mode. It allows to write notes right in the special zoomed field which navigates through your text within one line. You may simply start the new one when you need, tapping the new-line button. You needn’t worry about the position of your written notes on the page, Outline will do that for you! All text you write in this field is reflected on a page in a smaller size.

7) “And what about price?” you may ask. Yes, OneNote is free, while Outline costs money. However, in this case you get more personalized product. We analyze requests from our users and release new versions with hot features and improvements every month, this allows us to bring fresh opportunities and sort well with the main trends. Our customer support is very responsive and always aims to help you with any questions or issues. Don’t you want to get most comfortable conditions and liberties? We are sure that the answer will be “yes”.

Now you have cleared up that Outline outperforms OneNote in many aspects. So why not test it yourself?


iconsOutline for iPad with Microsoft OneNote compatibility

Outline for iPad

Outline for Mac (with Microsoft OneNote compatibility)


Using Outline with iCloud Drive

iCloud Drive

Our users often asked when we were going to аdd synchronization with iCloud Drive. We also saw the great potential of adding this feature to make Outline better and more productive. And today we are glad to introduce a new and long-awaiting Outline version with support for iCloud Drive!

iCloud Drive has quickly filled its niche since Apple presented this platform in 2011 and now it’s a full-fledged alternative to the well-known cloud services. It can become the best cloud service for Mac and iPad owners, including comfortable drag and drop system, high speed of synchronization, deep integration with Apple devices and, of course, free starting storage. iCloud Drive is available for Windows users as well. You can explore detailed information from the original source on

Let’s look through the key features that outline – iCloud integration provides. There are various ways to import/export your notebooks – Finder, web browser-based access, special managing app for Windows and directly from Outline. If you choose Finder, you can move notebooks to the special folder associated with Outline or copy and paste them using Command-C and Command-V. In the first case you remove a notebook from the initial storage place, in the second case you just create a copy of your notebook. On Windows it works in the same way, you will just need to download iCloud for Windows and install it.

Using Outline with iCloud Drive

Web version – is a good way for quick or one-time access. For example, you work on a non-owned Mac or don’t have enough time to setup iCloud Drive, you can simply login to site and choose iCloud Drive option. After that, you will get access to Outline folder where you can upload new or download stored notebooks. By the way, if you have an iCloud mail account, you can delete or move emails from there to clear space in iCloud Drive.


iCloud web app

From the Outline app it works almost like other sync services – you can share or open notebooks and keep your notes synchronized if you work on several devices. Here are few tips how to increase your experience using Outline with iCloud:

- If you use Outline with OneNote on Windows, don’t edit the same file on different devices simultaneously to avoid creating conflict copies. It is better to close OneNote if you do not use it.

- iCloud Drive synchronization requires an internet connection. If signal is lost or weak, this may cause sync errors.- Sometimes it may take about a minute to apply any edits you have made in notebooks opened from iCloud, it depends on the size of your notebook and speed of the internet connection.

- Sometimes it may take about a minute to apply any edits you have made in notebooks opened from iCloud, it depends on the size of your notebook and speed of the internet connection.

However, every provider may serve a specific purpose: Dropbox will be an appropriate solution for those who need a simple sharing between different users and strict chronological sequence of changes in notebooks. Box is aimed at business and enterprise needs when everyone can get secure access to one project or other information. OneDrive will be an effective solution for Windows users who use Mac or iPad as well or work with both Outline and MS OneNote formats. And finally iCloud Drive brings the easiest way to synchronize notebooks between Apple devices due to solid integration with the native platform. It also allows to work with large-size notebooks, as synchronization process is uninterrupted even if Outline is closed.


Have a synced note-taking!

Outline Team.