Guest Author: Note-Taking App: An A+ Student’s Best Friend


In the past, an overachieving student would manually scribble in a notebook when jotting down important notes while listening to class discussions. But, with the advent of tablets and note-taking applications these days, the traditional paper-and-pen technique is being  replaced by a digital method. Instead of heavy textbooks and notebooks, we are now presented with portable mobile devices like the very popular iPad loads with built-in and installed apps such as e-book reader, Notes and Calendar organizer. Apart from making their bags lighter, we’ll present to you how a simple note taking application can bring out the A+ student in your children.

 Intelligent Storage and File Retrieval via Cloud

DropboxOne of the best features of a digital organizer is the convenience of file back-up and retrieval system. For instance, the Outline +, provides a virtual notebook where students can create numerous journals for each subject that they are taking. As soon as they update the notebook with a new entry, it’s automatically backed up to cloud storages such as SkyDrive, Dropbox and Box (SharePoint support coming in the next update). This feature gives students the flexibility to choose on which platform they are going to retrieve the said file for studying. Should they use their desktop PC (OneNote client) iPad or Mac with Outline installed. They can freely locate their data anywhere they go.

Organized Files: Personal and School

bookshelfApart from lessening the burden of carrying a heavy set of notebooks, a digital note-taking application also promotes file organization.  They need to separate lectures, homework assignments and library researches. While a loose leaf notebook and a bookmark are the most established solutions, note apps offer a smart way to sequence the lessons according to subjects, hierarchy of needs or chronological order. Each time a category is added (for ex. AP Literature), a notebook is automatically created with a customizable cover and a dedicated tab. It provides three ways to browse your notes: in-app keyword searching, library view or tab switching.

Unlike the school stuff, with the note-taking app you don’t have to worry about an unorganized file.

More than Just Text

Using Outline for studies is much like providing them with an opportunity to create a digital scrapbook of their lessons: students can attach images, maps or spreadsheets and highlight most prominent ideas.

Since modern devices are now equipped with high resolution cameras, students can just snap a photo of the class board instead of writing down notes. With this application on their iPad, they can just insert this photo and review it anytime.

Instant Sharing with Study Peers or Tutors

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Apart from jotting down notes and keeping pertinent files in class, note-taking applications also have the ability to send data across other users such as your study buddy or your tutor through email or Bluetooth connection. Outline even offers a special feature of converting the virtual notes into a PDF file. If the student still prefers a hard copy over digital, you can easily send this information across a wireless printer. No need for a USB flashdrive, just send the file across from your device to the printer.

Based from these scenarios, a student who organizes their notes well are more likely to achieve academic excellence, since their mind is less likely to be cluttered. However, it needs a powerful tool such as a note-taking application in order to fully enhance their potential in organizing their ideas, thoughts and, of course, their daily lessons. All of these plus a dedicated student, you’ll build an A+ student in no time.


  About the AuthorAllie Cooper is a tech enthusiast who loves writing about newly released gadgets like the iPhone 5 on O2, social media updates and trending apps. Her free time is taken up exploring her passion for playing piano and old films. Follow her on Twitter.

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