Search For The Perfect Icon

We’ve got a problem: our big blue O in the app icon on AppStore is cool and different but not too perfect. If you are looking for a notebook for your iPad, you may not notice Outline just because you don’t see anything “note-taking” in the icon.

So we have set our minds to develop a new brilliant icon, which will have one small feature: when you see it, you should jump, scream wow! and immediately understand that this is a note-taking app that you need. Piece of cake, isn’t it?

Here are 18 icons we have come up with so far. Which one you like most (click for a larger picture)?

variants of new icon for Outline

Do Students Really Use iPads for Studying?

With all the back-to-school hype these days we were curious, do students really use their iPads for studying? Or is it just marketing people telling freshmen’s parents that a New $600 iPad is an investment they owe their children?

Despite the fact that some schools integrate iPads into their educational process, a recent study published by Usability News of Wichita State University claims that iPads are all but a study tool for college students in the US. The researches asked groups of students and non-students about how often they perform various activities with their iPads.

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15 Easy OneNote Tips

This is a collection of the first 15 OneNote tips posted in our Twitter – @OutlineApp. Since Outline+ is the only iPad app that can work directly with OneNote files (no servers, no hacks), we’ve become real pros with OneNote – and share our knowledge like real pros.

1. OneNote never deletes any data. That’s why your year-old notebooks are so huge. Learn how OneNote keeps your notes safe.

2. OneNote saves data almost constantly but you can still save with CTRL-S for peace of mind.

3. Type 3+3= in OneNote and see what happens!

4. Wanna change default font in OneNote? Choose any font and color in File – Options – General.

OneNote default font options

5. Press CTRL-SHIFT-E to email current page.

6. If you need a free OneNote viewer, just wait until your trial copy of OneNote expires. When it expires, it becomes just a viewer but a free one!

7. Optimize your OneNote notebooks : Go to File | Options | Save & Backup and click Optimize All Files Now.


8. Press CTRL-E to search.

9. Press TAB when you enter text to create a table.

10. Set passwords to OneNote sections: right click on a section, choose Password Protect This Section.


11. OneNote pages are too boring? Click View – Rule Lines and choose page style.


12. Press CTRL+SHIFT+M to open a small OneNote window to create a side note.


13. Did you know you can take screenshots with OneNote? Just press Win-S.


14. Press ALT-SHIFT-T to insert current time into your note.


15. Press CTRL-4 to create a Remember for later tag.


We’ll post more tips soon. Please let us know if you have just learned anything new!

How to Check What Promo Codes Were Used. Step-by-Step Guide

Now when your iOS app is out you are trying to make the world speak about it. You reach reviewers, bloggers, run give-aways and distribute dozens of promo codes. Indeed, you keep track of when you issued the codes (they expire in 4 weeks) and whom you are sending them. But how can you make sure those promo codes are not sent into the interstellar space and reach the intended recipients?

AppStore has no way to track your promo codes. Period. Don’t even look for it.

If you use AppAnnie (and odds are you use it), you can check how many promo codes were redeemed and when. However, there is no data about which exactly promo codes were used. To check the usage of your promo code, login to AppAnnie and go to Analytics > Sales and choose Units tab. Quantity of used promo codes will be displayed with an yellow tab on the graph.

AppAnnie Promotions graph

App promotions are also displayed in the table below the graph:

AppAnnie promotions table

Still, it does not provide a breakdown for individual promo codes that you sent to TUAW and Mac|Life. How do you check if they were redeemed or not? Time for some manual work.

1. Open iTunes on your computer and logout.

2. Login again to your account. If there is an option to save password, choose NOT to do it.

3. Quit iTunes and open it again.

4. Try to click on your account in the top right corner (click on your email address, not on the white triangle).

itunes account

Login dialog should pop up:

iTunes redeem code login

Do not enter your password, click Cancel. If iTunes opens your account instead, try to logout, and restart iTunes.

5. Now we go to the bottom of iTunes and click Redeem:

iTunes where is redeem

6. Copy one of your promo codes that you know it was used (just to be sure) and paste into the Code field. Click Redeem. AppStore should tell that this code has already been used without asking for a password.

iTunes redeem code

7. Last step: to be on the safe side, try to redeem one of promo codes you have not sent to anyone yet. If you have done everything correctly, the login dialog should open. It means that this promo code is still available. Click Cancel, we’ll use that promo code later.

Now you can go through all of your promo codes, mark those that have been used and maybe even follow up with those persons if they like your app and when they are going to review it. Good idea is to check your unused promo codes periodically because some busy reviewers and editors may redeem them later.