Outline: what’s up

Welcome to Outline community!

Hi dear Outline user (or just a visitor interested in OneNote compatible app for iPad). We were very busy last months, busy creating the next big note-taking app in App Store. And we understand that you probably missed some details and news about the app development. So we are starting this blog and some other engagement activities to fill that void.

We believe that being open to you is the right approach, so we will be. At the same time we invite you to the discussion. Join our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter, post comments on this blog, write questions in our Help Center (there we have public discussion boards and a private question form as well) and tell your friends about us! We are happy to hear from you, so please keep feedback coming! If those channels are not enough you can even write to our CEO directly at ceo(at)outline.ws and surely receive a reply.

Where we are at now.

  • The first version of the app was released on 08/08/2011. 
  • Since that time we had one major release in which we added ability to sync OneNote with iPad via DropBox. 
  • It took 6 month to past through 100k downloads in App Store. 
  • Our rating for the Outline 1.0 in App Store was 4 stars in average. Version 1.5 has higher ratings in vast majority of countries with overall 4.5 stars now. Not a bad result and it shows we are moving in the right direction. Compare that to the 3 stars of our competitors. 
  • We have very little number of problems people are reporting yet we know they use the app, not only download it. So looks like the quality of the product is also quite good. 
  • All above was done with marketing efforts close to zero, so there is great potential to unleash with right marketing which we are going to focus on now.

What’s next

The rebuilt version of Outline with 60% of its code rewritten will meet even higher standards than version 1.5. Here is the list of what is coming in the new version.

  • Text editing capabilities? Yeah!
  • Full control over your notebooks, including ability to add pages, sections etc. (sounds silly, we’ve seen some note-takers without ability to add pages).
  • New look and Retina display support.
  • It is 50% faster on most of the scenarios.

Want to see the new version in action? 


It’s the most frequent question. We are driven by quality, not dates. Until we feel the app is solid enough we will not release it. Sorry to keep you waiting so long, but good things worth waiting for! General availability is expected this summer.

What’s after v2.0

In development of Outline 2.0 we were focused on the basic features – how to read and write to semi-open OneNote binary format, how to achieve good editing experience of pages (that can be large) with rich content (think of it as a web browser with editing capabilities), how to get it all working on a small device with limited resources and so on. Now, after the main problems were solved, we will be able to move in a faster pace.

Next features we are already working on:

  • Free drawing by hand. We are working on enhanced rendering engine that will show your inks on a par with technology leaders like Penultimate.
  • Encrypted sections support. OneNote Mobile users (starting from Windows Mobile era) were begging for this feature for years.
  • Skydrive support Later this year we plan to introduce some functionality for enterprise users. This version will offer better co-authoring experience, support of enterprise storage (Sharepoint and Office 365) and some other features.