15 Easy OneNote Tips

This is a collection of the first 15 OneNote tips posted in our Twitter – @OutlineApp. Since Outline+ is the only iPad app that can work directly with OneNote files (no servers, no hacks), we’ve become real pros with OneNote – and share our knowledge like real pros.

1. OneNote never deletes any data. That’s why your year-old notebooks are so huge. Learn how OneNote keeps your notes safe.

2. OneNote saves data almost constantly but you can still save with CTRL-S for peace of mind.

3. Type 3+3= in OneNote and see what happens!

4. Wanna change default font in OneNote? Choose any font and color in File – Options – General.

OneNote default font options

5. Press CTRL-SHIFT-E to email current page.

6. If you need a free OneNote viewer, just wait until your trial copy of OneNote expires. When it expires, it becomes just a viewer but a free one!

7. Optimize your OneNote notebooks : Go to File | Options | Save & Backup and click Optimize All Files Now.


8. Press CTRL-E to search.

9. Press TAB when you enter text to create a table.

10. Set passwords to OneNote sections: right click on a section, choose Password Protect This Section.


11. OneNote pages are too boring? Click View – Rule Lines and choose page style.


12. Press CTRL+SHIFT+M to open a small OneNote window to create a side note.


13. Did you know you can take screenshots with OneNote? Just press Win-S.


14. Press ALT-SHIFT-T to insert current time into your note.


15. Press CTRL-4 to create a Remember for later tag.


We’ll post more tips soon. Please let us know if you have just learned anything new!

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