10 OneNote Power Tips

Here are 10 power user OneNote tips. They are definitely not for beginners but if you master them, you’ll be a real OneNote master.

1. If you use shared notebooks, new or edited by other users pages appear in bold, like new emails in your mailbox. When you read them, their boldness is gone. Press CTRL-Q to unread a page – it’ll become bold again.

2. OneNote displays notebook structure on the left and pages on the right. If you find that weird, choose Options – Display – Page tabs appears on the left. Outline+ for iPad displays pages on the left by the way!


3. Press CTRL-1 to create a To-Do tag. Press CTRL-1 again to mark it done!


4. Browse many OneNote templates by Microsoft at http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/templates/results.aspx?qu=onenote&av=zsc

5. Do you miss any tags in OneNote? You can create your own tags: right click in a note, select Tag and then Customize Tags.


6. CTRL-A usually selects everything you see in a window, but not in OneNote. First time it selects a paragraph, equal to triple-click. Second time it selects complete note container. Third time it selects entire page.

7. If you experience problems with OneNote, try Safe Boot: press Start – Run and type "OneNote /safeboot".

8. Press ALT-SHIFT-D to insert current date into your note.

9. One window of OneNote is not enough? Press CTRL-M to open a new window of OneNote.

10. There are some hidden OneNote options: create all new pages with ruled lines: open Options – Display.

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