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The Best Note-Taking Experience on OS X

Ideas manager Ideas manager

Note-taking with Outline incorporates the best of OS X and the App functionality. Creating, organizing, storing and editing notes with Outline is as simple as that with a real paper notebook. Outline structure is flexible. It follows and reflects the way your ideas develop.

Safe data storage Safe data storage

Notes are safe and secure in Outline. Applied changes are regularly recorded and available to you offline. Also, you are free to choose any of the supported backup options. Strong password protection is a matter-of-course. You are in control over your notes!

Powerful editor Powerful editor

Outline Word Processor and various additional tools can handle notes of a wide range of complexity. It makes Outline a universal note-taking app that will fit almost any professional and personal environment. Personalizing capabilities are unlimited.

Extensions Share Extensions

OS X Extensions deliver extended solutions in sharing experience. Just think of that – you can import necessary information, whether full page or snippet from Safari or Preview tool to Outline in few actions! In the same way, you will be able to use this tool in order to export data from Outline to any other app supporting Share Extensions.

Services OS X Services

Services are one of many innovations that are provided with Mac OS X. This feature allows transferring data between apps using contextual menu and makes this process faster and shorter, when generally it requires launching additional apps.

Print to Outline Print to Outline

One more way to insert content to Outline pages in double-click time. Send web pages, text, pictures from Safari and any app with printing support through Print dialog window. All information will be delivered as printout and attached PDF. Learn More

So Flexible to Meet Your Needs

Personal Notes Personal notes

In Outline you can create notebook for your personal needs of widest range: travel or recipe book, any kind of journal or diary, photo album, daily planner, and so on and so forth. Just everything you could imagine!

Work Notes Work

If note-taking is an important part of your professional life, employ Outline and benefit. Keeping databases, project management, meeting notes are usual purposes for which Outline is a perfect solution. Among our users are pilots, architects, designers, physicians, lawyers, teachers, software developers, writers, … and maybe you?

College Notes College

Outline significantly improves students' lives. iPad equipped with Outline replaces dozens of paper notebooks. Thanks to its organization your lectures, presentations, workshop notes and exam materials are clear, well-structured and easy to revise and edit.

Complex Notes yet Simple Structure

Complex Notes yet Simple Structure

Convenient and intuitive just like in a paper book. Notebooks, Sections and Pages bring order to your notes. For more complex structures add Section Groups and Nested Pages.


Notebook structure is dynamic: Pages, Sections and Section Groups can be easily moved and re-ordered by Drag & Drop. Your digital notebook follows and reflects the way your ideas grow.


For faster navigation between and within notebooks there are inter, intra and Wiki links. External Web links are also supported. Great function to connect your ideas!

Word Processor

Free layout
Free layout

Typing with Outline is as natural as writing on paper. You can start anywhere on a page, organize your ideas as text blocks, resize and move them around to build the best map of your mind.

Text notes. Simple & Rich.
Text notes. Simple & Rich.

Outline suite of formatting tools and build-in styles makes your note-taking experience rich yet simple. Flawless support of standard OS X shortcuts quickens and optimizes this process.


Outline tables are a helping hand in organizing your notes for clear and structured view. Usual function in a simple and nice performance. Really convenient and addictive feature!

Extra tools
Extra tools

To organize notes even better and make them simpler for perception apply bulleted and numbered lists, use tags and check boxes. Spell check and line/word/character count function help to revise your notes and provide quick statistics.

Document Capabilities

Attachment Attachments

Add files of any format to Outline page to keep all the relevant data in one place. Double click on the File to view it with the corresponding app.

Printouts Printouts

Files can also be inserted as printouts. It is up-to you to decide whether to add all the file pages to one Outline page or split them into several pages.

Export and E-mail Export and E-mail

Outline pages and entire sections can be exported to PDF for further actions. You can share them by E-mail and print them out.

Privacy - If security of data is of major concern

Encryption Encryption

Important and sensitive data requires special approach. Any section created in Outline or imported from OneNote can be password protected. Automatic section locking with adjustable settings is also available.

Local storage by default Local storage by default

Outline for Mac allows to open notebooks FROM and create them ON local drive. Outline saves changes automatically every 3 seconds, so you can always access your up-to-date notebooks in Finder. Notes never leave your private space if you do not want them to.

Sync & Backup.
Besides local storage Outline supports popular clouds.
Place notebook files into cloud folder and have backups both on your Mac and on the Web.

Seamlessly integrated, fully automatic sync. Dropbox keeps old versions of your files and you can restore them anytime.


Secure and simple. Synchronization is easily set the same way as with Dropbox and you can keep all your notes up-to-date automatically.


Outline supports synchronization with Microsoft's native cloud for OneNote.

iCloud Drive

Native sync provider for Apple devices. The best option to sync your iPad and Mac. iCloud Drive is supported in Mac App Store version only.

Best Companion for Microsoft OneNote


It has been polished for several years. The way these two apps work together is just awesome!
Learn More

MS Sync Services

Support of Microsoft OneDrive Personal storage is available. Support of SharePoint Server and OneDrive for Business coming soon. You can also open notebooks from File Shares in read-only mode.


Compatibility with Microsoft OneNote is offered as part of Outline for Mac.

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