Outline for iPad

A Universal Notebook. Just Set a Task.

Personal Notes Personal notes

In Outline you can create notebook for your personal needs of widest range: travel or recipe book, any kind of journal or diary, photo album, daily planner, and so on and so forth. Just everything you could imagine!

Work Notes Work

If note-taking is an important part of your professional life, employ Outline and benefit. Keeping databases, project management, meeting notes are usual purposes for which Outline is a perfect solution. Among our users are pilots, architects, designers, physicians, lawyers, teachers, software developers, writers, … and maybe you?

College Notes College

Outline significantly improves students' lives. iPad equipped with Outline replaces dozens of paper notebooks. Thanks to its organization your lectures, presentations, workshop notes and exam materials are clear, well-structured and easy to revise and edit.

Full-Functional Editing and Formatting

Full-Functional Editing and Formatting
Text notes - Simple & Rich

For those who like typing we built a good suite of tools to make your experience rich yet simple. Good support of external keyboards.

Free typing

Typing with Outline is as natural as writing on paper. Organize your ideas as text blocks, resize, move them around to build the best map of your mind.


All standard styles are included. Select text and apply Headings, change font size and color. For better perception apply alignment, add lists, tags.

Unleash the power of iOS

The age of multitasking

Use Slide Over panel to quickly switch between Outline and other app or Split View mode to view and interact with both apps at the same time. Note-taking has never been so productive than with iOS 9.

Enhanced search capabilities 

Spotlight search will always provide you with information stored in Outline which you need at any particular moment. Just access it from the Home screen, search for what
you need and every result will take you directly to Outline. 

Multi-Touch gestures

Turn your on-screen keyboard into a trackpad by tapping it with two fingers and then move the cursor on your iPad, select text and edit it. Everything of genius is simple.

iOS Extensions deliver extended solutions in sharing experience

Just think of that – you can import necessary information whether full page or snippet from Safari to Outline in few actions! You can also do that from other apps, for instance from Notes, Evernote or Image Gallery. In the same way, you will be able to use this tool in order to export data from Outline to any other app supporting Share Extensions.

Draw. Highlight. Annotate.

If something is beyond words, ... draw!

Drawing tool perfectly suits sketching ideas, highlighting important blocks, annotating texts, images and inserted documents. A set of pens, markers and highlighters is at your disposal.

If you miss the feel of a pen, try Handwriting!

Enter Handwriting Mode, choose pen width and start writing in the zoomed field. Resizable protection panel ensures comfort for your wrist. If you own JotScript or Pogo stylus just set the connection and enjoy neat, thin inks reflecing your personality.

Sync & Backup.
We support popular clouds. It's up to you
to decide where to keep your notebooks.
Outline works offline too.

Seamlessly integrated, fully automatic sync. Dropbox keeps old versions of your files and you can restore them anytime.


Secure and simple. Synchronization is easily set the same way as with Dropbox and you can keep all your notes up-to-date automatically.

OneDrive & SharePoint

Work with notes stored on native Microsoft cloud and servers For OneDrive for Business or other storage, join the waitlist.

iCloud Drive

Native sync provider for Apple devices. The best option to sync your iPad and Mac.

Your Notes are Yours — Protect Them

Encrypt sections

Sensitive data requires special approach. Any section in Outline can be password protected. Industry grade standard is used for encryption (AES).

Protect the app

Set automatic pass code lock to make sure that your private notes stay private.

Touch ID

Protect your notes using Apple's fingerprint-based identification technology.

Best Companion for Microsoft OneNote


Works with OneNote files offline.
It has been polished for several years. The way these two apps work together is just awesome!
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MS Sync Services

OneDrive and SharePoint sync options are a part of OneNote compatibility, one of Outline's most basic options.